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This festive wire frame light is sure to get your room ready for Christmas.

When decorating for the Christmas period, people often forget their lights - but not anymore! Our sparkly green Christmas tree hanging light is perfect as a gift or as a treat for yourself, and sure to be a talking point when the family come over to celebrate. So why not open your presents under a different kind of tree this year?

So many Christmas decorations now are similar, but this innovative new take on Christmas decor is perfect for creating a festive atmosphere in your home. It's easy to fit into place, so simply get it out with your other decorations, then easily remove once Christmas is over! Use the wire Christmas tree light year after year.

The half tree is designed to be used as wall decoration and has the same measurements as the full tree, but with only half of the tree instead of the full circumference so that it may sit flat against the wall. 

Please note that this product is not intended for use outdoors, and although the coating is durable it will not withstand periods of time exposed to the elements.

Dimensions: 29cm (H) x 32.5cm (at widest point)

Fitting: Continental (40mm).  We will supply a plastic reducer with each frame, so you are able to convert the fitting to a UK (29mm) if necessary. However please note that we can only supply reducers in white, but the fact that it does not match the wire frame colour should not be detrimental as the electrical fitting will largely obscure the reducing washer.

This product is named after Santa Claus, who improved and optimised elvish manufacturing processes and revolutionised the speed of global travel.

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