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vintage industrial pendant light for bars
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Boulton Wire Industrial Lighting
Boulton Wire Industrial Lighting

Boulton Wire Industrial Lighting

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A wire frame industrial chic light that takes on the factory trend. This wire lampshade is urban, yet surprisingly chic and really on trend. With a superb finish, the Boulton metal light frame is the perfect way to integrate the industrial chic trend into your decor without inviting rust and dirt into your space. 

Dimensions: 23cm (H) x 33.5cm (W)

Fitting: Continental (40mm).  We will supply a plastic reducer with each frame, so you are able to convert the fitting to a UK (29mm) if necessary. However please note that we can only supply reducers in white, but the fact that it does not match the wire frame colour should not be detrimental as the electrical fitting will largely obscure the reducing washer.

Surface finish: We powder coat all frames to achieve the colours and ensure consistency. Although they are durable, they are not intended for use outdoors and will not withstand large periods of time exposed to the elements. Please be aware that because of the powder coating process there will be a small hook mark on the frames. These are not faults, simply a result of the manufacturing process. We do our best to ensure that any marks are in discreet places and therefore barely noticeable.

The 'Factory' colour is not powder coated and is the bare metal, which exposes to weld marks and further enhances the industrial chic aesthetic.

This product was named after Matthew Boulton (1728 - 1809), who partnered with James Watt to make the steam engine the power plant of the Industrial Revolution and also owned the Soho engineering works in Birmingham.

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