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Continental 3" Shade Carrier - HomemakingHeaven

Continental 3" Shade Carrier

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These 3" shade carriers are for use in lampshades with duplex fittings. They will enable you to convert your duplex lampshade fittings to Continental 40mm table lamp fitting.

Surface finish:  powder coated white.

Please note, this product automatically applies multi-purchase discounts within the pricing displayed. That means as the number of items you order increases, the price per item reduces.

While one 3" Shade Carrier will cost you £5.75, two will cost you £8.00 - working out at just £4.00 each for two. As the number you purchase increases, the price per item will continue to decrease - so the more you buy the more you save!

Just select the number of shade carriers you require, and the price you see displayed already includes the generous discounts.

If you would like to purchase alternative quantities to those offered then please contact us for a quote.

Guidance in choosing the right shade carrier 

The general rule for choosing a size of shade carrier is that the bottom of the shade carrier should start around 1.5" (38mm) above the bottom of your lampshade, this is to hide the electrical fittings. The easiest way to work this out is to place your lampshade on a flat surface then measure the height of your lampshade from the duplex fitting, straight down to the bottom. Subtract 1.5" (38mm) from this and that should give you the rough size you need. but the ultimate choice is yours and will depend on personal taste and the type of lamp you are fitting the lampshade to. This advice is just offered to help you decide, it is not a guarantee it will look perfect.

If you are still unsure what size you need, please feel free to email us with the dimensions of your lampshade and maybe a picture of the lamp and we will try to advise you on the most appropriate size.